Two Year Birthday Post & Sale Announcement!

Here at OFF GRID, we were just chatting about all the things we want to accomplish this year, and realized it has been just about two years on the dot since we got our business license, and shortly after, opened up for business. While that may not mean much to you, it means a whole lot to us. We started this because we believe in the value of being outdoors, in the field, on the rivers, in the ocean, anywhere in the backcountry hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. We want you to take it all in, and take a little bit back home knowing you went OFF GRID with goals and purpose and came back successful. Food is a necessity we believe should be at the top of your backcountry priorities, and we believe that the quality of food you take with you can make or break your excursion. We strive to be the backcountry food company that our customers feel 100% comfortable supporting because we support our customers 100%. Our motto “#FUELTHEHUNT” means much more than just providing the highest quality food that we can.

We have been through more than a few struggles, met a lot of goals, and looking back on the last two years, we are pleased with where we are today, but we still have much more to do. We could not be here without your support and encouragement, so THANK YOU! We want this company and brand to be here for you. A major goal of ours is to better serve our loyal community by improving our customer service avenues. We strive to make products that improve your backcountry experience and performance. For us, that includes helping you prepare from home by ensuring orders get processed quickly and efficiently, and that no question or issue goes unanswered.

Our biggest current challenge is the production capacity of our freeze-dried dinners. We started small and are now to the point of having to turn down any wholesale or larger entrée orders, and as many of you have noticed recently we can’t meet our current website demand either – the batches we have been posting sell out extremely fast (THANK YOU)! We know that frustrates many of you and it frustrates us as well. It bothers us that we don’t have enough to go around. We are super passionate about our products, we make them for you, with the intent and belief that you need good quality food to keep you going. We design our products to have the ability to make your hunts and outings more enjoyable, help you stay out there longer and be more successful. That is the WHY of our existence, and that is why we want these freeze-dried meals, along with our other food products, to be available to more people, more often. We have a plan in the works to dramatically increase the production of our freeze-dried meals. We think it’s going to be a lot of fun, provide a lot of value to our customers, and be beneficial for us all.

Acquiring a custom-built freeze dryer would give us the extra capacity we need to make sure our dinners are readily available to the loyal community that supports us. We are looking to put together a campaign to help fund a custom-built, larger freeze-dryer to significantly scale-up our dinner availability from our current capacity. Our IDEA, which still needs a bit more work, is to kick off a membership-based program where members will get a significant annual discount (this will be the only place for discounted dinners), OFF GRID merch, early access to product ordering, exclusive dinner releases, giveaways, recipes, our content, guest content, etc .Since its a 6-8 month long process from funding to building, we are designing the program over the next two months so that it could be available as early as this summer and fall season, as well as down the road when we actually do get the new freeze-dryer. We’re currently working through the details, but it should be a fun way to get everyone even more involved with us, give back some value to our customers, and benefit our growth as well. We are taking on a big commitment in the next few weeks by putting down the deposit to order the freeze-dryer given the long production lead time (approx. 6 months). Stay tuned as we finalize the details of the program, we will keep you informed with periodic updates and we’re going to need plenty of help! Please comment below on what you think of our plan!

In the meantime, it is our two-year anniversary or birthday, or whatever… So, THANK YOU and please enjoy the discount code: PUNCHINTAGS for 25% off , all week long!

**Discount won’t be good on dinners, but it will work for everything else!


Cheers to an awesome summer and fall!

The guys from OFF GRID FOOD Co.

4 thoughts on “Two Year Birthday Post & Sale Announcement!

  1. Justin Redmansays:

    Happy 2 year birthday 👍. Really enjoy the meals you guys are making. I have ordered and bought a few meals from you guys. From online and at sportsman shows. Have always been pleased everytime. Keep up the the good work and looking forward to what you guys come up with.

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