Summer 2019 Update: Dinners! New Products! Memberships!

Summer has been flying by, and we’ve been crazy busy thanks to all of you guys. We wanted to put out a little update on a few things including dinners, and the absolute madness around them, new products, memberships, and a few other happenings here at Off Grid.

First and foremost, THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT. We’re alive and well, and that’s only because of the support we’ve received from all of you. The hunting industry is a great space to be in and we’re proud that the vast majority of our customers are hunters, anglers, and outdoors-folk who care about what we do. The amount of support we’ve received has been shocking and keeps us fired up to do better each and every month as we grow.

Let’s just go ahead and address the elephant in the room. We understand the amount of frustration that the high demand for dinners has been causing everyone. It’s been a blessing to see how interested people are in the products, and a curse that we can’t expand our production right along side the growth. We were originally expecting to have a new freeze dryer by next summer (2020), but the crazy amount of interest we’ve been receiving has forced us to purchase it way sooner than we expected, which also means we will be receiving it way sooner than expected! The estimated arrival date is early to mid November, and the new unit will give us a solid 5x increase in production capacity. Until then, we are pretty stuck suffering through the weekly batches as we’ve been doing them. We really appreciate your patience as we try to work through these growing pains.

NEW PRODUCTS: We’ve dialed in a breakfast scramble with pasture raised eggs, wild boar breakfast sausage, roasted peppers, potatoes, and cheese. Its really, really good, quite possibly our new favorite, and as soon as we get the final labels approved by our licensing authorities we’ll start cycling it through the website with the others. We have also recently added PEACHES & CREAM PREDATOR FUEL to the full time line up, and have also brought back the RISE & GRIND cold cereal for fall! We do plan on revising the dinner options and will probably get rid of a couple we currently have in order to make room for some new varieties.

MEMBERSHIPS: The original plan with the Memberships was to launch them in early August, to help fund the freeze dryer plans for 2020. Well, that changed, and we’ve already ordered the freeze dryer. We are going to launch a limited amount of memberships tomorrow, August 22nd. We’ll have two options, Silver, and Gold. There will be 150 of each available. The Silver package will cost $75 dollars and will get you a swag kit (Hat, shirt, stickers – $50 value), an annual discount of 20% on our breakfasts and snacks, and 15% off on all of our Freeze-Dried meals. The Gold membership will cost $100 dollars, have the same $50 value swag kit, and will get you a 30% annual discount on all of our breakfasts and snacks, and a 20% discount on all of our Freeze-Dried meals.

Our hope is that these membership packages give all of you some serious value all year long, that we would otherwise be giving to retail locations. Again, as a trial run, the limited amount of the 300 memberships we are offering right now will be members for the rest of 2019, plus the full year of 2020! For those of you who embark on many awesome outings over the course of the year, these memberships will provide some serious savings and incentive for you to eat Off Grid more often!

**When we are ready to launch the full membership program (Jan 1, 2020), we will start doing “members only” batches of dinners once, maybe twice a month. We hope to be at maximum production capacity pretty quickly with the new freeze dryer, and want to give loyalty its dues by offering members more chances to buy the dinners among a much smaller crowd. We’ll also be adding giveaways, guest articles, recipes and more through the full platform.

Please keep in mind we will be out of the office September 6th-12th, and again from the 15th-19th (if needed) for our elk hunt. It’s the one big Team Off Grid hunt that Zach and I are doing together this year, so we will not be shipping during those time periods, but will be back to fill orders in between. We apologize for any inconvenience! Good luck to everyone this fall, and let’s see some awesome photos!


Thanks again guys, we appreciate your support!


Off Grid Food Co.

2 thoughts on “Summer 2019 Update: Dinners! New Products! Memberships!

  1. Dustin says:

    I have checked the past two weeks for meals at 530 wed and it just says sold out the entire time…..Am I missing something? Going to AK for moose in sept, would love to get my hands on some if possible.

    • OffGrid says:

      Hey Dustin,

      The dinners have been absolutely crazy and are selling out in minutes… We expected some high demand, but it’s really turning into a problem since we can’t up our capacity until the new freeze dryer gets here… With so many people on the site at 5:30 waiting for the upload, the 100 or so dinners we put up each week are going in a couple of minutes. We do expect it to slow down in September, so depends when your hunt is but should be less traffic as archery hunts fire up. Fortunately, it has made us buy a new freeze dryer earlier than expected, but it still won’t be here until November. Thanks for your patience!

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