SPRING 2021 – Let’s Go!!!

I’m a firm believer that the only reason 2021 will be better than 2020 is that we should all be more prepared for the unexpected. If you haven’t learned anything from the last 12 months, well, its going to be another rough one. We are also firm believers that our customers are above average, and that you all take life by the horns, figure out a way to stay on for 8 seconds, and we hope all of you have grown from whatever struggle the last year threw at you.

Quick thoughts to all of our friends down in Texas. We’ve been sending care packages to some of our friends without power down there and we’d love to encourage all of you to do the same. ALL ORDERS TO TEXAS WILL RECEIVE FREE SHIPPING FOR A WHILE. If you live in or have family/friends in Texas, send them a care package, we’ll cover the shipping. Use the code TEXAS at checkout. This is a very large warning sign to all of us that anything can happen at anytime, and while I am not personally a crazy prepper, this whole year has been a very strong reminder that having an emergency supply of food, and a emergency plan, is extremely important. Be prepared, be confident, eliminate or reduce your risk.

We learned a few things the hard way last year, but its seems we like the path less chosen, the hard route, the get your ass kicked and see how you adapt and recover is kind of our thing. As most of you have probably heard by now, we got rid of the big custom freeze dryer we got this time last year and moving forward all of our meals will be DEHYDRATED. We have always said there a pros and cons of both freeze-drying and dehydration, and while we love the versatility of freeze-drying, the technical aspects and associated risk of breakdown has proven to be too high. Small issues equal large chunks of downtime, something we can’t afford, and something you guys hate. Adapt, change, push forward.

Let’s start with the bad news. This will be short. #RIP to the Mac and the Breakfast Scramble. We’ll miss them dearly. That’s all.

The good news:

The good news is that this change will allow us to scale and produce the dinners in a manner we can afford and keep up with. No more weekly batches, no more waiting, no more hoping you’ll get your order in. We plan on having dinners in stock, all the time, unless something very unforeseen happens. More good news; we dehydrated all of our meals long before we ever freeze dried them meaning most of our meals translate to the new process with minimal or zero changes, and dehydration is far from a new concept to us.

We will suggest a different method of preparation for the dehydrated meals. The convenience of hot water right into the bag will still be there, but we will suggest actually simmering the meals. It won’t take up any more water or fuel than normal, and it ensures your meal is cooked through every time. This is how we, and a bunch of our friends, have prepared their own DIY meals for a very long time. We are preparing a bunch of tips and tricks type videos to show how we do this, among a lot of other backcountry secrets from us and our friends when it comes to food and food prep. Stay tuned.

Big year for everyone! Fishing and hunting was restricted last year in many places across the US. Borders are still closed, but this spring, summer and fall are looking much better for hunting, fishing, and outdoor rec as a whole. We look forward to being able to provide everyone with their food needs and look forward to seeing everyone’s success in the field.


Off Grid Food Co.

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