Freeze Dried Dinner Menu – How it’s going down

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The time is here – Off Grid will be offering a freeze-dried backcountry dinner line!!!


We are going to do a series of quarterly pre-sales for our line of backcountry meals. The “menu” will rotate each quarter for the next year, and we’ll send out surveys to identify the best meals after each pre-sale, with the goal to continue a quarterly rotating menu, and also create a small full-time menu of favorites over for next summer. Our first four pre-sales will be sold in 4-meal “packs”, containing four different meal options. All the meals are made in our high end catering kitchen, in small batches, so we can ensure the highest quality. From the ingredients to the process, we hope you enjoy everything about these fine backcountry meals, and that they elevate your backcountry experience.

How it’s going down: Our first pre-sale will launch May 20th, and will run until we sell out or July 5th. We’ll have a limited amount of 4-meal packs available with a August 1st (or earlier) ship date.

  • May 20th Pre-Sale MENU: Cost $56 +shipping ($14/meal)
    • OG Bison Chili
      • Our classic chili with ground bison, pinto beans, roasted poblanos, and bell peppers, slowly stewed and mildly spiced with ancho chili, and cumin.
    • Penne Pomodoro with Bison
      • San marzano tomatoes are slow cooked with ground bison onion, garlic, basil and parsley for a vibrant and hearty meat sauce with quinoa and corn penne noodles.
    • Thai Green Curry with Quail
      • Fresh vegetables and shredded texas quail are slowly simmered in coconut milk with thai green curry paste, lemongrass, and thai basil on jasmine rice. A rich and mildly spicy stew packed with healthy fats, vegetables and protein.
    • Quail Tinga Tacos
      • Tortilla friendly, this twisted take on chicken tinga tacos begins with shredded texas quail, a rich, house-made entomada sauce, and is paired with roasted corn, a few pinto beans, cilantro, lime and jasmine rice. We highly recommend tortillas, but they are not necessary.
  • July 31st Presale
    • Menu TBD
    • late September Shipping
  • November 1st Pre-Sale
    • Menu TBD
    • Shipped for Christmas
  • January 2019 Pre-Sale
    • Menu TBD
    • March Shipping
  • April 2019 Pre- Sale
    • Menu TBD
    • June Shipping


These meals have been a long time coming, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. We’ve strived to truly create a truly one-of-a-kind backcountry menu that is created in a restaurant style kitchen, with the highest quality ingredients and skilled cooks to produce a superior product.

As always your support is greatly appreciated and we look forward to an exciting 2018!

5 thoughts on “Freeze Dried Dinner Menu – How it’s going down

  1. Brian Collins says:

    Learned about you watching Born and Raised Outdoors, Land of the Free (Episode 28 Birthday Bull) on YouTube! Looking forward to trying the products in the upcoming backcountry season!

    • OffGrid says:

      No worries man, took the last one down! Best bet is every friday at noon PST we are loading batches onto the website. Working on a new freeze dryer to hopefully have a lot more of them available soon!

  2. OffGrid says:

    Hey Daniel. Sorry for the frustration with meal availability, they’ve been going incredibly fast. We are posting batches every Friday at noon PST. Last weeks was late to upload, but that’s the best bet to find them right now. Hopefully have much more capacity soon!

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