HOLY SMOKES it’s the end of October and we’ve got some exciting updates! Zach and I want to thank all of you for your continued support as we continue to slowly but surely grow to where we’d like to be. Summer got hectic, and honestly a bit of a struggle dealing with the low production quantities of dinners we were stuck with, but we can’t wait for next summer and some big changes!

Alright here’s the big news… Our new Freeze Dryer is almost done and will be arriving in mid November as planned. As exciting as that is, we most likely won’t see an increase in our dinner availability until early January, 2020. We’ll have some testing to do, final inspections, and we’re going to make a bunch of product before we do a 2020 meal launch and plan to have a big batch of all of our meals finished and available, a very welcome “first” for us. We also expect a few new products early 2020 with a couple new freeze dried products, and we’ve dialing in a cold, oat-based granola. JERKY will be back soon! We had a problem with our last batch, and needed to resolve a few issues before ordering more inventory since the jerky is the only product we don’t make in-house. We’ve been thinking of new flavors so comment below with your Jerky suggestions!

That being said we can now hopefully look at the days when meals sold out in 5 minutes as days of the past. The amount of meals we will be producing will help our current supply vs demand issues a lot, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll keep up with the “busy season” demand we saw this summer. We will continue to encourage everyone to buy foods during the off season, there should be plenty of time and availability for everyone to get what they need well in advance. We can’t tell you how much your patience and loyalty means to us as we continue to grow this company from the ground up. It’s still just the two of us, and while Zach and I do take pride in being a couple of hard working SOB’s, we’ve still got a ways to go! We set out to change the face of backcountry foods with the philosophy that food should be one of your central and most focused on “gear” kits in your pack, and that the quality of such a vital aspect of your pack should be the highest quality it can be. While we have stayed true to that philosophy, it has taken us longer than some of “the other guys” to get there. Maybe it’s our own remake of Tortoise and the Hare. We’re getting closer everyday, and it’s really all because of you guys that we’re still here so THANK YOU!


Big things Comin’!


Zach and Spencer


Off Grid Food Company

2185 Alpine Way Suite B

Bellingham, WA 98226


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