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Off Grid Food Co. – Corona virus response & updates

Hey Everyone,

Wanted to take a quick minute and update everyone regarding the elephant in the room, the Coronavirus, and what impact that may (or may not) have on us here at Off Grid Food Co.

The WSDA – our primary licensing agency, has assured us that food and beverage IS NOT a source of transport for the virus, which is great news. However, while we will be operating under normal conditions, we do not know if actions taken elsewhere will affect our supply chain(s) as we are seeing a large amount of businesses nationwide moving to a “work from home policy”. We will continue to monitor our suppliers actions, and will keep everyone posted should something impede our ability to conduct business. As for now, business as usual!

Speaking of business as usual… NOW is a great time to re-supply your emergency kits at your house and make sure you are ready for any sort of shut down and/or quarantine’s that may move into your area – we noticed a part of NY was put on lock down as of this morning. Luckily, for all of us outdoor savvy individuals, this is (or should be) a pretty normal wilderness routine, that we can make some slight changes to and bring indoors. We keep large Yeti 110 cooler in my garage at all times filled with essentials needed for Water, food, fire, and shelter. This includes filtration, about 2 weeks of off grid good grub, 5lb bag of rice and we plan on splitting meals in emergencies not eating like kings. Key is just having the essentials there, and ready.

End of the day what we want you to know is that we are taking every precaution and then some (doubling sanitation schedules etc) to keep our facility clean and operational. We’ll keep everyone posted if we see any obstacles through all this, but be smart, stay safe, and WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!!!

Feel free to call or email us anytime with concerns or questions.


Zach and Spencer

4 thoughts on “Coronavirus Response

    • OffGrid says:

      Hey Mike, Dinners get cycled through the web with product drop a couple times per week – we post on social media prior to putting them up. This dang coronavirus has us a little busier than normal right now as well, so that may be affecting that as well! Thanks!

    • OffGrid says:

      We try to get them out with in 2-3 days of ordering, so TRY to have them delivered within a week of ordering!

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