While we are loving the results of the new dehydrated meals, there are a few key preparation steps to ensure that they fully rehydrate while in the field. Preparation is always key, so we urge you to test these methods before you go out into the woods and try it for the first time.

I typically use a two pot (I love the EverNew titanium set) system with my MSR pocket rocket burner for this. Joey uses a Jetboil “Mini-mo” as a single pot system. Both work fine, it’s just down to what you prefer and have access to.

The simmer method aka the Joey Pyburn Method

Step 1: Measure out ten ounces of water and bring to a boil.

Step 2: Add dehydrated food, stir, turn burner off, and cover for about 5-6 minutes

Step 3: Restart your burner, adjust to the lowest flame possible, stir and bring to a simmer for another 2 minutes until hot and cooked through. Enjoy

The Cold Start Method – Spencer’s choice

Step 1: Add 10 oz of water & dehydrated food to your cook pot, cover and let sit COLD at least 10 minutes. Stir a few times while you set up camp or check your gear.

Step2: Start burner and adjust to lowest flame setting, simmer food about 5 minutes or until hot and cooked all the way through. Enjoy

CLEANUP TIP: Pack a small paper towel to wipe out your cookset after every meal, one small sheet per meal. If I am on an extended trip, I’ll make sure I have enough fuel to basically boil water in my cook set every other day to keep it sanitized and clean. Use your judgement, if it looks like it’ll make you sick it probably will. Wipe it out, keep it clean, no worries.

*** If you absolutely have to use the water right in the bag method, we suggest letting it rehydrate for a minimum of 20minutes, and will also suggest using a jacket, puffy coat, sleeping bag or whatever you have to keep it off the cold ground and somewhat insulated while it rehydrates. It will probably be kind of cold and kind of crunchy, so we really suggest you try one of the methods above.

Happy Huntin’,



  1. joshua ramirez says:

    Thanks for the tips! I have tried the hot water in the bag-only method, so far have had great results. texture has been great and consistent. however I am open to other ideas as well, i will try the other methods mentioned to see what works best for me!

  2. Aaron Hall says:

    Just curious why you don’t recommend dumping boiling water in the bag and waiting 10 mins method. Thx

    • OffGrid says:

      You totally can! It works well. I will suggest wrapping it in a puffy coat or sleeping bag if you go that route to keep it hotter longer. The simmer method just makes it a touch better in our opinion, and really does not use much more fuel or water.

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